Tricycle Bicycle Cycle – Voyage to the Vale of Cashmere

Voyage to the Vale of Cashmere

Tricycle Bicycle Cycle is an indie rock band with members based in Pittsburgh and Baltimore. Since 2005, Tricycle Bicycle Cycle has been involved in songwriting, home recording, and rock ‘n roll. On the self-released 2005 album Tricycle Bicycle Cycle’s First Manatee Hugging Party, the band explored a childlike pop psychedelia. The release was distributed both in hand-silkscreened goodie bags and as a digital download. After years of hiatus, the band has reformed to record a new EP in basements from Baltimore to Pittsburgh: Tricycle Bicycle Cycle’s Voyage to the Vale of Cashmere.

Stream the full EP (released December 5th 2013) and see our music video on our website,

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